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Benefit OF Turmeric To Health

Spices and medicines are very easy to find,
One of the popular herbs for use as a natural
food dye and spice food additive and flavor

Most alternative health experts know that
turmeric has anti-inflammatory benefits,
cures cough / fever and wounds. But there
are still many benefits of turmeric for other
Benefits of Turmeric as Medicinal Plants
Various drugs to relieve itching, eradicate
the virus and prevent depression can be
formulated from the basic ingredients of
turmeric and some other natural materials.
Although until now most people prefer to buy pharmacies more clearly the result, this
traditional medicine from turmeric can not be

Compound Content The following are some of
the compounds contained in turmeric, such as;
Asiri oil content, about 3 to 5%. The content of
these compounds include sesquiterpen and
monoterpenes. Contains essential oils
consisting of ar-turmeron of about 31.1%, curcons about 10.6%, arc curcumin about 63%
and turmeron about 10%. Contains starch
Curcumin content Resin content
Desmetoksikurkumin content Bisdes-
metoksikurkumin Cellulose content, and
Some other important substances that are beneficial to the health of the body.


 As already
mentioned that turmeric has the benefit of
being a powerful antioxidant. This can be
useful for neutralizing free radicals because
of their chemical structure. In addition,
curcumin also increases the activity of antioxidant enzymes in the body itself. In this
way, curcumin provides resistance / killing
of free radicals.

2. Overcoming Chronic Joint Inflammation

Research shows if curcumin in turmeric gives
a very strong antioxidant effect. As an
antioxidant, curcumin can neutralize free
radicals that cause the destruction of healthy
cells and cell membranes. This is important,
because free radicals are the cause of the occurrence

3. Smoothing the skin Many Many ancient traditional masks containing

yellow turmeric. Especially because the skin,
then turmeric used as a cleanser of dead skin
cells or useful for smoothing the skin.
Because turmeric also contains antioxidants
that can smooth the skin.

 4. Preventing Anemia

 Anemia is caused
by iron deficiency. You can use turmeric to
prevent anemia, because turmeric contains
lots of iron. This iron content is an important
component in the formation of red blood cells so by consuming turmeric you can prevent


tudies have shown that using turmeric as a
cooking spice can reduce serum cholesterol
levels. Where high cholesterol can cause
serious health problems. By maintaining proper cholesterol levels, it can prevent
many cardiovascular diseases.

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