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Benefits Of Suji Leaves For The Health Of The Body

The suji leaves have more green color
old and shiny than pandan leaves.
In addition, suji leaves also when used
in processed cuisine has no odor
when compared to using leaves

Suji is a type of plant shrubs, yang
has many benefits in life
daily. The suji leaves are numerous
used for food,
treatment and cosmetics

In the field of food, suji leaf
used as food coloring.
Fragrant aroma makes food
better. While the young shoots can
made into vegetables. In the field of treatment, leaves very suji
useful for treating various types
diseases like, poisoning, beri-beri, sickness
stomach, cholesterol and so forth.

1. Treating leukemia 

The disease is often called white blood cancer is a cancer that attacks the bone marrow that produces red blood cells. And it turns suji leaf can be one therapy therapy for this dangerous disease. The trick is enough with m, consume boiled water in stamped.

2. Treating the disease beriberi

 Beri-beri itself is a disease of vitamin B deficiency, which is able to affect the immune system. Well, the content of saponin yang aday in dlam leaves suji able to help overcome the disease. The way is simply by eating boiled water leaves
suji on a regular basis.

3. Increase Body Endurance The benefits of the first suji leaves are able
increase endurance. This matter
because suji leaf contains vitamin C
which can play a role in improving the system
immune in the body. In addition, the content
polyphenols in suji leaves can also improve the next immune system
can help prevent attacks
various diseases.

4 Treating Toothache

Not only treat bleeding gums, leaves
suji which is consumed in the form of water
stew also can relieve toothache. P
this is due to the content of tannins and
flavonoids that act as antiseptics,
which can overcome the bacteria that cause toothache

5. Ward off Free Radicals

Free radicals can cause a variety
disease, ranging from that disease
simple to harmful, like
cancer. To counteract free radicals,
you can drink boiled water of suji leaf
as neutralizer and also increase endurance.

6. As an antidote

 Wash 20 grams of fresh root of suji leaf, then boil with 2 glasses of water and until the water is left to 1 cup. After cold filter and drink at once once a day ..

7. Improving the Immune System

The suji leaves contain sufficient polyphenols
high, the compound can also be
boost our immune system,
just like the usefulness of vitamin C.
Polyphenols will make the immune system or
endurance becomes increasing, so that illness will appear on
our body can be prevented.

8. Lower Cholesterol

Saponin, one of the compounds that is also present in
in suji leaf is very useful for
lower bad cholesterol. This is because
saponins can bind to existing cholesterol
in the blood. Way too easy, take 5 pieces
leaves suji then wash. Then boiled
boiled using two glasses of water up
into one glass only. Drink the stew
this leaves as much as three times a day.

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