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The Benefits Of Pink Leaves For Health

Most people know the benefits of guava
seeds, but we are not aware that the leaves are cashew
seeds have medicinal properties and offers
various health benefits. They are
antioxidants, have antibacterial, anti-
inflammation, and as tannins. Fresh guava leaves are considered natural analgesics.
Chemicals that are contained in each
guava leaf sheets such as polyphenols,
carotenoids, flavonoids and very tannins
effective in treating various diseases.

 Either from what year our ancestors
make use of this guava leaf, and either
whoever started it. Life
antiquity is very dependent on nature,
everything in nature can be utilized.
Indonesia is a country rich in flora and fauna, to treat various
illness is not as difficult as it is now
because All drugs are picked up and obtained
directly from nature. In those days even
which is already acute once can be treated by
natural products.

1. Helps Lose Weight

One of the main benefits of guava leaf
for health that is helping in
lose weight quickly.
When you eat juice made
from the guava leaf, the effect can be
preventing the complex starch from being converted into sugar.

2. Preventing External Injuries

 Guava leaves have anti-bacterial content that serves to prevent infection and steroid substances that can accelerate the healing process on the external wound. To be able to heal the wound outside can be done by pounding guava leaves then apply on the skin of the injured.

3. Guava Leaves For dengue fever

Use 5 pieces of guava leaves, then boiled with water as much as 1.1 / 2 cup, strain and drink the potion within 4 hours once healed.

4. Preventing and Overcoming Acne

The benefits of guava leaf for a facial
first ie can be used for
get rid of acne and scars
natural. This is because the guava leaf
contain antibacterial that can
ward off acne-causing bacteria. In addition, these leaves are also anti-inflammatory
so it can help prevent
the occurrence of acne.

5. Overcoming blackheads

Guava leaves can be used
to combat blackheads, including blackheads
stubborn black. Things you can
do is rub the leaf
seed on the part of your skin that is blackheaded
gently. To get the most out of it, you can apply it

6 Drugs Lower Cholesterol Levels

Guava leaves are very effective for
lower cholesterol levels in the
inside the body. Therefore, if you
have high cholesterol levels, then
You can regularly consume boiled water

7 Drugs Sprue

 Guava leaves are also very useful
in overcoming canker sores. If you
has a problem against canker sores
can indeed eliminate the appetite,
then you can consume boiling water
leaf guava regularly, so that the problems you are experiencing can be immediately on
cope well.

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