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Sidaguri Plant 6 Health Benefits and Presentation Method

Leaves sidaguri is kind of wild leaves that grow wild plants and can be easily found around the house. Sidaguri plants can grow fertile in Indonesia because it fits with its tropical climate with hot temperatures. Other names of this plant is quite a lot, ranging from sosapu, sidagori, saliguri, and many more other names. Sidaguri leaves elongated shape elongated with a jagged leaf edge.
Why is sidaguri leaf good for your body health? The main reason is that this leaf contains a number of good compounds for your body, such as amino acids, saponins, phenols, tannins, alakoids, and also essential oils. In addition to the leaves, you can also use the stem to be combined with the leaves. Sidaguri plant stems also contain healthy compounds such as steroids, tannins, and some other nutritious compounds for the body.
Sidaguri leaves grow wild in various types of areas. It is easy to find on lawns, farms, even sometimes in landfills. This plant itself originally only located in East Asia to Southeast, but in the past sidaguri was exported by India to various parts of the world.

Description of sidaguri plant

The characteristic of this plant is the height of 2 M, the branching stem, many small feathers densely grown on the stems and leaves. It has a white-green color. Has a single leaf, lying on the edge, jagged edges, pointed ends with tight fur, with pinnate repetition.
The underside of the leaves grow short fur with gray, and measuring 1-4 cm x 1-1.5 cm. Flower models include single, bright yellow color. Stamens grow together form a tube from the base of the flower. Crown of green flowers, curved edges.
Flowers grow from the leaf's armpit, bloom around 12 noon, and wilt three hours later. The sidaguri fruit contains 8-10 pieces of fruit, and has a diameter of 6-7 mm and when it is old, it is black. The roots are white.
Benefits of sidaguri plants
Sidaguri plant used to treat heartburn - Root sidaguri and ginger dikunyak together and swallowed water. 
To treat rheumatism - Clean the whole plant sidaguri including the roots and then boiled and drank the water. 
To treat a toothache just by chewing the sidaguri root that has been cleaned. 
If you have a weak sting, crush the sidaguri flower and attach it to the sore part.
Sidaguri for gout

Of all the benefits of the most popular and popular sidaguri plant is for uric acid, the use of sidaguri for uric acid is not difficult. Prepare the root and stem sidaguri about 100gr then wash thoroughly, then boil the stem and root of sidaguri with 1 liter of water until the remaining half then strain and drink to get the benefits of sidaguri plant.

6 Benefits of Sidaguri for Health and Presentation:

1. Sidaguri for Rheumatic medicine.

How to Present Sidaguri Leaf:
  Use All parts of plant stems including roots as much as 60 gr that has been dried,
  then all the ingredients are boiled with enough water to boil and then drink regularly 2 days 1 morning and evening before the break.

2. Sidaguri to Treat High uric acid.

How to Present Sidaguri Leaf:
  Use 5 stalks of sidaguri root then washed thoroughly,
  then cut into small pieces and boiled with 2 cups water to boiling,  pour into the cup and then closed until 1 night,
  kemudidan drink the next day before breakfast  and evening before the drink warm first. do until it feels the usefulness.

3. Sidaguri Overcome Worms.

How to Present Sidaguri Leaf:
  The 1/5 handheld leaf is washed and finely ground,
  Add 3/4 cup of boiled water and a little salt,
•  P eras and drink 2x a day,
• reset for 4 days. 

4. Sidaguri Overcome Toothache.

How to Present Sidaguri Leaf:
  Take enough roots sidaguri, washed thoroughly and chewed and if the teeth are not strong to chew can be crushed and taken the juice to gargle.

5. Sidaguri to Treat bee stings.

How to Present Sidaguri Leaf:
  Take all parts of the plant sidaguri good leaves, stems and roots to crush and rubbed on the part of the bee sting.

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